mini Fall Life University

November 7th - December 19th

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Gospel: Recovering the power of christianity

Taught By: Pastor Ric Cadle

Are you trying to be more loving and kind or patient and generous? It's time to learn to simply abide in Jesus. When you're captivated and consumed by the love of Christ, the supernatural kicks in and the results are amazing. The gospel is the power of God and the only true source of audacious faith. Through this 6-week study you will learn how to discover ways to let the gospel work in ways religion never has and never could. Join Pastor Ric and JD Greear (by video) as they expose you to the transformational power of the gospel. 

Keep it shut: what to say, how to say it, and when to say nothing at all

Taught by: cindy cadle & rochelle tynes

This is a video-based Bible study that explores how to control the tongue.  Each session features a different character from the Bible, using them either as an example of someone to emulate, or whose verbal actions we should avoid replicating.  We will explore what the Bible says about when to speak, when to remain silent, what to say in social media posts, why “just sharing a prayer request” might be gossip, and why self-talk matters too. 

walk with god

taught by: randy schnieders

We believe that, as Jesus said, His words are spirit and life. He guides us and inspires us in our daily walk. You are invited to take part in a spiritual journey, “Walk with God”. It is a heart-filled sharing from scripture in which you will be strengthened by the Lord in spending time with Him, and will grow in intimacy with Him day by day.

33 the series - volume 2

Taught By: bill eidenire

In the pursuit of authentic manhood, every man must understand, and come to grips, with the defining moments and key relationships that have shaped his unique “story.” In this second volume of ‘33 The Series”, men explore their stories through a biblical perspective. With help from experts and regular guys, they will be equipped to learn from their past, come alive in their present, and enjoy God’s best in the future.