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If you are considering joining us for a Sunday morning experience, here are some questions you may have:

Who can come to the worship services at Wildwood?

Main worship services are open to anyone of any age.

Where do the children go, and what do they do?

While children are welcome in our main services, we do have a Kidz Place worship area on our second floor. In Kidz Place, children from Kindergarten through fifth grade experience high energy worship in a large group setting, and hands on teaching in small groups.

What about my preschooler?

Our preschool area is called the Dockside Preschool , and we have quality care and teaching for preschoolers as young as a few weeks old. In this area, the children are cared for by adults, and all care is overseen by our preschool staff and volunteers with decades of collective teaching experience.

Are my children secure in the preschool and children’s areas?

At Wildwood, volunteers in our children’s areas are carefully screened, and all children are checked in and out of the areas in a secure fashion. Children are checked out of the areas only with the parent or guardian who checked them in. While parents are in a worship service or small group, there are alert systems in place in the event that a preschool staff member needs to contact a parent.

What do I wear?

At Wildwood, our dress is casual. While we don’t believe that our relationship to God should ever be casual, we do believe that our approach to Him should always be real. So, we encourage you to come dressed as … you. You will see people in slacks, jeans, polo’s, t-shirts, and suits and ties. You will see people with short hair, long hair, and no hair; people with families, people who are single; people with tattoos, people with jewelry; people with joy, and people with burdens. At Wildwood, it’s never about how we look – it’s always about who we are.

What kind of music styles will I hear?

Our worship services have a band (guitars, drums, piano, brass, and winds), a choir, and usually a small group of what we call “lead worshipers” who assist in leading the gathering songs of praise. On any given Sunday, we may sing anything from slightly updated versions of older hymns, to energetic modern praise music, to original contemporary songs. Sometimes we do things that sound and feel more traditional, and other times we do bluegrass or country! Our style is eclectic, but our goal is singular – to help people focus on the worship of God.

Where do I sit?

There is no assigned seating at Wildwood – sit anywhere you like.

What if I don’t know anyone at the church?

While you may meet people in the setting of the worship service, we believe that the fellowship of our church is built on our small groups, which we call Fusion Groups. If you have a church experience in your past, you may think of this as Sunday School. We have a variety of groups for all ages, that meet on Sunday mornings. For more info, click here.

Any other questions?

Please call or email us – we would love to talk with you! Everyone matters at Wildwood, and we would love the opportunity to help you find your place here in our family.

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