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Chapel Service
8:15 am
Morning Worship Services
9:30 am // 11 am
Fusion Groups Bible Study
9:30 am // 11 am

Wednesday 6:30pm

Life University

Collide (6th-8th grades)
(9th-12th grades)
Preschool (Infant-4 years)
The Praise Factory (Kindergarten-5th grades)
Adult Celebration Choir Practice
Orchestra/Band Practice




Upcoming Events

GROW in 2017 Series:

Top 10 Goals for Godly Living at Wildwood:

  1. Live in peace with each other: Gossip and slander aren’t permitted
  2. Be proactive (Membership Means Ministry) and positive and encouraging
  3. Help the weak (physically, spiritually and morally)
  4. Be patient with everyone (including your leaders)
  5. Be forgiving and don’t pursue revenge
  6. Strive to do what is best for others over what’s best for you
  7. Always be joyful, prayerful and thankful
  8. Seek and don’t stifle the Spirit’s leading
  9. Don’t ignore prophecy or the promises of God
  10. Do what is good and reject what is evil    
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Wildwood Baptist Church
4801 Wade Green Road
Acworth, GA 30102
Phone: 770-428-2100
Fax: 770-428-4660


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